Google chrome browser  Internet browsers on smart phones are getting better and better. The Internet is slowly turning to mobile every day and that means that the smart phones have to keep updating their browsers.  We think that the iPhone has the most fluid Internet browser that exists out of any smart phone. The keyboard is simple to use, and it is easy to search through. We think that Safari is a great Internet browser for iPhone users, in the app store you can also get the Google Chrome browser as well. You were looking for the perfect Internet browser then Google Chrome is something that you definitely want to use. iPhones are the only smart phones that have Google Chrome available on the App Store as a way to use Internet on the phone. All of the other android phones use Internet Explorer and terrible browsers like that.

iPhones are perfect for picking up in searching quick terms in a very fast manner. For example, if you are searching up the terms such as (roofer Sacramento) then the iPhone is perfect. It is going to  pull up a page with all of the relevant websites to that search term within a half of a second. There is no other phone that does Internet as fast as an iPhone. It will literally load any website page that you want with in a matter of milliseconds. In a lot of android phones, there is a delay that goes on when you are using your browser. This is something that we find very annoying when it comes to searching anything. You don’t want there to be a lag every time you are searching something on the Internet, because it is going to waste time.  This is something that we find very annoying when it comes to searching anything. You don’t want there to be a lag every time you are searching something on the Internet, because it is going to waste time.

The browsers on smart phones keep getting sleeker and six year as the months go by. Google chrome and Safari are always adding updates to their mobile browsers which are keeping up with the trends of how the Internet should look.  It is good that they keep updating this because technology is moving so fast that we need to be updating the S that exit things so that the young fresh minds of the new generations will always think that they look amazing. On top of looks the search engines are adding a lot of extra features to their mobile browsers. Adding buttons to make it easier to search certain terms and giving you options to do a quick search.

that is what we wanted to talk to you about today. The subject of Internet browsers on smart phones. It is very important that you guys know about all technology including what is going on with the Internet and their browsers.

Today is going to be a battle between android and Apple. This is if you did that has been going on for the last seven years after the galaxy was originally released. The iPhone was taking the world  by storm and none of the other smart phone companies knew what to do, so Sam song decided to do something drastic and make a phone that could compete with the iPhone. And the successfully did so and there was the birth of the android operating system. We guess we should actually call this blog android versus iOS but  The title we have is correct because it doesn’t matter what the android phone is, they all use the same operating system and Apple only has one phone.

This is a very biased Apple review by the way and we are going to be giving you all the reasons why you should choose an iPhone over an android. Apple iPhones are simply just absolutely way better than any android phone. The reason that this is is because the number one thing is of apples customer service. No other company on the planet matches up to Apple when it comes to customer service. When he comes to an android phone you calling to some weird number where somebody from India answers the phone and they don’t even know what you’re talking about. With Apple they have a store that you can go into and bring your iPhone to if you have any problems. For example, if you broke the screen on your phone and you need to get it replaced, then Apple will gladly do it for you for a cheap price of $109. Other companies will probably just have you send in the phone and then they will make you pay for a new one. They won’t even have screen fixing services you will have to take it to someplace like batteries plus bulbs where if they open the phone it will void the warranty.

Exiting we would like to cover is  how fluid and iPhone is versus an android. If you notice, when you use an android it will often times freeze up on you. When you use an iPhone it will always be very fluid and will work like a dream. The thing about these phones   Are built to be pristine and very high-quality so the operating system has to be as high-quality as the outerwear. The exterior of the phone is absolutely amazing too. The iPhone 6 literally is made of metal, while Samsung galaxies are made of cheap plastic.

It is really a no-brainer on what you should go with. But you should go with is the iPhone because it will hands-down beat any android phone any day. Everything about this phone is better than any android. The operating system is on point and the phone is  sexy and sleek. That is all we have to give you guys today, and if you’re interested in learning more about our blog, and then make sure to tune in tomorrow for another post.

Here is a video that explains a review of the iPhone 6s and 6S plus.

Tonight’s post is going to be all about the best brand of cell phone that you can pick up. That sell phone that we are talking about is the I phone 6S. This phone has literally changed the game for smart phones around the world. No other phone on this earth can nearly match up to it. You will hear people argue the fact that other phones such as the galaxy S7 or the galaxy note 5 is as good, but those people are sadly mistaken him. And this phone is better than those for these few reasons.

  •  The specs-the specs of this phone are absolutely ridiculous. It has one of the fastest processor’s out of any phone that is out on the market today. The processor is 828 Hz A-10 chip that is lightning fast. It has a quad core and it makes this phone run like a race car. It literally screams in loads pages  in the blink of an eye.  You will not have a problem loading any webpage and have any types of problems with your device because it is that fast!  Next on the list of specs is the camera. This phone can shoot in 4K video which is 4000 pixels in the camera. That is ultra HD and there is no other phone on the market that can do that. I threw that is the new 3-D touch option. 3-D  hutch is where you can hold your finger on the screen and you can click even further without having to physically go into the application.
  •  The looks of this phone-the aesthetics of the iPhone 6s put any other phone completely to shame! It is made of a seamless aluminum rap design that is made of one continuous sheet of aluminum that is incredibly strong! You literally cannot  beat this phone on durability and looks. It is so sweet, sexy and professional that any person that walks by you and sees you using this phone is going to be in all of how awesome it looks!
  •  The durability-the durability of this phone is literally off the charts! We have done continuous drop tests of the iPhone 6s and 6S plus and it can survive a fall of up to 15 feet in the air without the screen breaking or the phone busting open. Anything that is above that height is really  unnecessary to test because that is completely unrealistic. Who is ever going to drop their phone from 20 feet in the air? We decided to take it up to a higher level to even 15 feet and there was hardly any damage. Most of the time you’re only going to be dropping your phone from about 3 to 5 feet  which in this case will not even leave a single scratch on your phone. The glass is sapphire mixed with gorilla glass which means this is the strongest glass on the market that is put into the new iPhone 6s. The glass is practically indestructible, it can withstand super high Falls, scratching, cracking, and pretty much anything you could think of that will ultimately shatter glass!

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MacBook pro

Hello everybody and then today supposed we are going to be talking about the best brand of computers that you can buy. We have decided that the number one computer brand that is on the market is Apple hands-down.  This is because nobody does quality quite like Apple does. They really focus on 100% quality with everything that they make. Their hardware is made of metal, the security system is impenetrable and the computers just look downright sexy. Those Just a few of the reasons,  let us go in detail with you about them below.

 These are the reasons why a MacBook is the number one laptop.

The aesthetics-  The looks of this computer I just absolutely amazing. There is no other laptop that stands next to the MacBook Pro because it is just so sleek and sexy. It is completely made of one sheet of aluminum that is seamless. That gives it a very futuristic look that really nobody else can copy.  Apple has done a very good job of making their design very unique and that nobody else can copy. They really took time in designing their laptop so that they could get that type of look. The aesthetics that this Computer gives off are almost head turning.  If you are doing things on a MacBook, you will get people to give you comments  and compliments on your computer all day long. So if you’re looking for the perfect computer looks wise, then the MacBook is the number one choice for you to go for.

Next is the speed-the speed of this laptop is unmatched by anything else because it has one of the fastest processes on the market. This laptop does not have some 8 quart processor like some of the PCs out there but Coors do Not  mean anything. It is all about how the laptop runs and how efficiently. Apple has done a very good job at creating a chip that uses less space and less power but runs better then the chips with more power. We have been countless speed tests against computers and we found that the MacBook is one of the fastest lap tops out there. We even compared it to some of the so-called supercomputers that cost about $10,000 and it beat those in a speed test.  There is really no computer that can match up to a MacBook or any Apple computer. It is because the chips are just made so high quality that they can run fast with out all of the extra hardware.

The security system- One big problem that  PC on his run into is that their computers can get viruses very easily. With Apple computers that is the exact opposite. There is not a single virus out there that is for an Apple Computer. This is because the code that Apple has created is too complex for people to write viruses on. If you buy something like an iPhone, the worlds best hackers literally cannot get  through the passcode lock. That is the type of security we are talking about here and imagine how it is in the MacBook computers. You can feel safe with these computers without having virus protection. Virus protection is something that can be very expensive to costing you hundreds of dollars per year. If you want to spend just a little bit more money on a high-quality computer like a MacBook Pro, then you are not going to run into this problem and you will end up saving money because of all the years that you never bought virus protection.

That is what we had to share with you today on our thoughts of any Apple computer. So if you’re looking for the perfect computer you should go ahead and check out for all the awesome products that they offer.

Also here is a video that goes over a review of the newest MacBook Pro.

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Go ahead and check out this video that we have to show you about laptops. It’ll give you a basic understanding. Watch the video all the way through.